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>... theme virtuality, interaction, design, & art – vida

Projet Orgue et Réalité Augmentée, Eglise Ste Elisabeth, Paris, Mai 2008


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The Research Theme Virtuality, Interation, Desing, & Art (VIDA) federates collaborations between scientists and artists on various topics: from artwork design and analysis to more applied domains such as indistrial design, video game, or architecture. These activities are supported by numerous partnerships with other research laboratories in engineering sciences or in humanities, with artists, with cultural and scientific institutions, or with educative partners such as fine art, applied art, or architecture schools. The VIDA theme addresses some of the following topics of research:

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality for the Performing Arts, Architecture, and Visual Arts: the notion of trace and presence, the continuity between the physical and digital worlds, and more specifically the continuity of shadow, light, and perspective, augmentation of semi-public or public spaces such as architecture facades or urban squares,
  • the multimodality in Human/Computer Communication for industrial design, fine arts, theater, and dance: virtual humans, audio-graphic interactive environments, new musical instruments and augmented traditional instruments, spoken and singing voicein the performing arts.
  • virtual materiality in arts, humanities, and engineering sciences: realistic simulation of visual and audio perceptions of a physical body, relation body-space, cognitive experiments of new physical constraints, philosophical questionnning on visual imaginary, aesthetics of the virtual worlds.
  • design and ergonomy: the study of usages and human factors, design, creation, and innovation processes, and aesthetic experience.

This theme is also responsible for organizing events on arts/science topics and contribute to the debates around these issues.

The VIDA theme is a collaborative experience on complementarities between spatialized audio and graphics between virtual worlds and simulation, between emotional avatars and expressive voice … It has helped create or strengthen collaborations both within groups and between members of different groups.

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