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> Gardien du Temple

Collaboration of LIMSI-CNRS, LadHyX and Laboratoire Victor Vérité for the supervision of P.-A. Bokaris PhD (Univ. Paris-Sud & LIMSI-CNRS) and its application to the theatre play Gardien du Temple



In the framework of his PhD Thesis, Panagiotis-Alexandros Bokaris is involved in this Art&Science project that concerns the implementation of visual effects in live performances. His PhD work focuses on the visualization and conversely the concealment of objects or individuals based on high precision image analysis. For this purpose, two complementary techniques are used. The first one is composed by object detection / tracking and color analysis and compensation. The idea behind it is to isolate an object in the scene and by projecting a pattern on it to hide it in its background. The second technique exploitates Schlieren photography for visualizing invisible objects such as thermal plumes of warm objects or individuals.

The outcome of this research will be applied to the theatre play “Gardien du Temple” of Véronique Caye. In this context, it will be explored how to conceal or visualize the presence of an individual (performer, actor, dancer, public …) or a static/moving object in a real scene.

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