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> White Paper on Art/Science Collaborations in France

Christian Jacquemin

This page reports on a work in progress about writing a white paper on institutional support to art/science collaborations in France. I am trying to collect major references of governmental documents on the promotion and the funding of art/science projects. Please contact me if you are aware of any documents on this topic, I know that my work is incomplete and not achieved.

One of the main issues that I am facing is the blurry border between art/science, scientific culture, and art&culture in science. My purpose is to focus on the first category, but however report on the 2nd & 3rd ones if they can have some relevant connections with the first one.


Art, science, technologie (A.S.T)
Rapport de mission - Jean-Claude Risset - mars 1998

This report highlights some of the major issues on the connection between art and science (with a particular focus on digital art, or computer science and art) and proposes some ways of strengthening these relationships. It shows that science can benefit from a better connection with art, and it shows that France is not as advanced as other countries in the association of scientific research and artistic development.This report relevantly highlights some of the weaknesses of the disciplinary-oriented French academic system, and proposes art as a way of breaking these barriers and taking advantages of possible hybridizations.

Piloté par Bernard Stiegler 2002

As for the preceding document (and also probably due to the fact that it comes from Bernard Stiegler who was directing IRCAM at that time), this document focuses on art/science as a combination of art and computer science. This document presents the major perspectives that can be used to organize a multidisciplinary network on art and information sciences and technology. ArtiSTIC was funded by CNRS to promote joint research between IT and arts. To my knowledge, this network has not released major projects in the field and did not last very long. If I remember well, some actions were organized in some centers - that were already involved in that kind of interdisciplinary research. But no major outcome has been reported.

Art&Culture in Science

Les 128 propositions du rapport De la Culture à l'Université réalisé par la Commission Culture en 2010

Le discours de Valérie Pécresse lors de la mise en place de la Commission Culture et Université, Avignon, le 11 juin 2009

A list of 128 propositions (or tricks sometimes) to offer a better place to culture inside university. The list shows interesting perspectives for attracting students to artistic and cultural activities inside the academic environment. The propositions have not been combined with funding. It is very likely that the impact of this document has been very limited. I am not aware of any follow-up report onthe impact of these propositions.

Art and Culture at the University

These two journal issues are dedicated to an analysis of the status of art and culture inside the University. They show that cultural education and activities are not developed enough. They proposes some guidelines to expand it, for a wide variety of cultural and artistic fields. They propose art and science activities such as the ones produced by artists in residency in academic institutions. They highlight the various roles that an artistic and cultural education can play in a student's life.

u-culture(s), Revue culturelle annuelle de l’université de Bourgogne
2 0 0 6, n°1. la culture à l’université

Cahier spécial / MOUVEMENT n°62, janvier-mars 2012)
réalisé en coédition avec le TU-Nantes
Art, culture et Université

Artistic Education

These five texts define the role and implementation of artistic eduction at school, college, high school, and university. The third text is the most important of these three because it gives a very important role to cultural and artistic eduction in the university. It insists on the fact that university have a mission to educate to art and culture and that culture should be a central theme in academic education.

Le rapport Action culturelle en milieu universitaire de 1984 de Claude Domenach

Circulaire n° 98-153 du 22 juillet 1998 L'éducation artistique et culturelle de la maternelle à l'université.

Le plan pour les arts et la culture à l'École. Direction de l'Enseignement scolaire. Mission de l'éducation artistique et de l'action culturelle. 2000. Jean-Luc Mélanchon et Jack Lang.

Ministère de l'Education nationale Les arts et la culture dans l’enseignement supérieur lundi 14 janvier 2002.
Jack Lang et Catherine Tasca

Plan de relance de l'éducation artistique et culturelle de 2005

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